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Tupelo Honey - Bella Luxury Candles / Square Vessel

Tupelo Honey - Bella Luxury Candles / Square Vessel

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Tupelo Honey replicates the many varieties of the extraordinarily aromatic honeysuckle flower that is grown on several continents. No matter where you are, anytime that you smell the fragrant honeysuckle flower it will stimulate and arouse your senses. This fragrance was formulated to nurture those same senses.

All candles are handcrafted and hand poured in small batches in New Orleans to ensure an original product of the highest quality. 

BENEFITS OF BELLA LUXURY CANDLES:  Our scented candles will help you create an atmosphere in any room you wish.  The aroma from  Tupelo Honey Luxury Candle with fill your space within minutes.  

Burn Time:  Approximately 80 hours

Height: 3.5"

Diameter: 3"

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